Monday, January 30, 2023


Hi everyone, if you encounter a problem with RBR i.e. when you launch it and get an error saying: "The language DLL VB6FR.DLL could not be found" I enclose the installation package that corrects it and for those who have Windows 11 follow the settings as shown in the picture.


Sunday, January 29, 2023

RBR SCL Tools NGP 7.1 (Rev.1.0)

RBR SCL Tools NGP 7.1 (Rev.1.0) (Release Date 29/01/2023)
Very Important: This version only handles the new NGP 7.1 plugin (to still use the old Fixup/PhysicsNG plugins 'Not recommended' use the previous version of RBR SCL Tools v2.8.0)
This version will only work with the Tournament Plugin (Czech Plugin)
How To Install:
Install this patch in the same folder as RBR SCL Tools v2.1.0 Full Edition!!!
Change Log:
Added new RBR NGP 7.1.767.450
Added new option steering wheel dead zone
Added new option to use Track IR
Added new option use manual-automatic gearbox type
Added new option use NGP 7.1
Added new option use SSAO for ENB (60hz-60fps)
Added new option RBRTM Custom Tournament List
Added new Custom Nvidia Inspector Profile (No HBAO)
Improvements: recalculation of all recommended options
Improvements: alignment, structure and colours
Removal of unused files such as rallysimfans.ini
Download: INFO
More Info: Install latest Microsoft VC runtimes: VC++ x86 Runtimes
Delete PhysicsNG.dll, FixUp.dll and Z.dll from Plugins folder!
Install cars in physics.rbz as usual.
Please note that RBRCIT has not yet been updated to manage NGP 7.1!

Sunday, January 15, 2023

SCL News

Make you sure dont have any other (.dll .dll.disabled) duplicates, in wich case delete them before using SCL dlls.

1° RBR SCL Optimization Tool AIO (Release Date 01/11/2022) 

2° RBR SCL Tools v2.1.0 Full Edition++++ (Release Date 29/10/2022) 

3° RBR SCL Tools NGP 7.1 (Rev.1.0) (Release Date 29/01/2023) 

4° TrackPack RBR Czech 01/01/2023 (Release Date 01/01/2023) 

and much more